Indoor Arena Design & Build
Indoor Arena Design & Build

Equibuild is renowned for designing and building arenas for equestrian complexes.  Indoor riding arenas can be tailormade to your own requirements, offering the full range of features you would expect from one of the leading indoor riding school builders in the world:

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Arena Build & Arena Design
Arena Build & Arena Design

Indoor horse arena walls & roofs

  • Choice of roofing material from Big-6, toughened perspex for natural light or traditional tiles to match your existing complex
  • Flexible roof apex heights to fit special requirements such as low-levels in compliance with planning conditions
  • Wall options include Yorkshire boarding - great for ventilation and a wind break, or gale breaker mesh "curtains" which can be rolled up in the summer months   
  • Conversion of existing buildings, if suitable 
  • Erection of indoor equestrian arena buildings to make existing outdoor schools into covered riding arenas

Indoor arena access and groundworks

  • Installation of ramp and lifts for access
  • All ground works and associated landscaping, such as car parks and loading ramps

Indoor horse arena gallery areas & booths

  • Centrally heated viewing galleries
  • Glass fronted, with sliding panel options
  • Event hospitality equipment , including a mini kitchen, fridge, sink and oven 
  • Storage for hospitality tables, so area is multi-use, such as a class room or for press events
  • Separate Judge box(es), low level for dressage and raised level for jumping events
  • Sound-proof booths for TV production
  • Toilet facilities

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Covered Riding Arena Equipment
Covered Riding Arena Equipment

Equestrian training mirrors

Our specialist safety mirrors for indoor riding schools are made of non-shatter material and can

  • be full height, from the top of the kickboards
  • be installed across the entire short side
  • include single wide mirrors  in line with outer and inner track, so riders can easily see lateral work
  • be placed along the E-B line, in varying sizes

Horse indoor arena equipment stores, for

  • Show jump wings and fillers
  • 10 & 12 feet wooden poles (with wall hangers)
  • Dressage markers and arena edging/blocks
  • Water pipes and spray heads, for irrigation (if the surface is non-waxed)

Sound systems for competitions and training clinics

  • State of the art sound systems
  • Wireless headsets, for rider linked to trainer's headset, ensuring a "private"  warm up or training session
  • Options to play music/commentary to different  "zones", such as competition arena, 10-minute arena, warm up area,  box park, event stables and trade village /spectator area
  • Installation of "hearing aid loops"

Indoor equestrian arena lighting

  • Fix your light intensity according to use [competition arenas have greater light levels than training arenas] or choose variable controls
  • Choice of light units, lamp colour and speed of illumination
  • Eco-light units for reduced running costs
  • Token operated timer units, with over-ride option during events or competitions

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